Executive Briefing: Selling to Why- Brain Based Selling - Oct. 24

Are you driven by over-achievement, energized by growth, and possessing the commitment to make it happen? Yet sales still do not increase at the rate you want?

There is a fundamental disconnect between the way we sell and how it is received by the prospect. The result is that our most important messages have a surprising low chance of getting through. Join sales expert Jeremy Rawitz for this development session to reengineer your selling process to capitalize on prospect's buying pattern.

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If you’re tired of trying to learn new sales strategies and techniques but don't seem to improve your bottom line, read our sales guide "Why Sales People Fail". Uncover why many sales training programs don't stick and methods for taking all that sales knowledge and using it!

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Sell Today, Educate Tomorrow

Have you ever given a presentation to a prospect who seemed ready to buy … but found that, for some mysterious reason, the opportunity went nowhere once your presentation was complete? Read more...

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Sales Training with Sandler: Solving the Puzzle

What Can a Sandler Trainer do for You and Your Company?

Executive Briefing

Professional sales trainer Jeremy Rawitz wants to challenge your beliefs during his 2 1/2 Hour Executive Briefing, "Selling to Why".


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Executive Briefing: Selling to Why- Brain Based Selling

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