Sandler Management Solutions Bootcamp - August 15

Is Your Sales Team Holding You Hostage? In sales management, you have two choices. You can develop your leadership skills to catapult your success and that of your team or you can continue to perform at status quo. Stop accepting mediocrity from your sales team!

Join Jeremy Rawitz for an eye-opening look at the deficiencies of modern-day selling and Sandler Training's tactics to manage it.


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Why Sales Poeple Fail DownloadWhy Sales People Fail

If you’re tired of trying to learn new sales strategies and techniques but don't seem to improve your bottom line, read our sales guide "Why Sales People Fail". Uncover why many sales training programs don't stick and methods for taking all that sales knowledge and using it!

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Confirm the Investment Before You Invest Your Time

You’ll find that with a little practice, it only takes you a few minutes to confirm the investment. Once you make a habit of doing this, you’ll waste less time with unqualified prospects, close bi... Read more...

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Sales Training with Sandler: Solving the Puzzle

What Can a Sandler Trainer do for You and Your Company?

Executive Briefing

Professional sales trainer Jeremy Rawitz wants to challenge your beliefs during his 2 1/2 Hour Executive Briefing, "Selling to Why".


Tue 07/29

Executive Briefing: Selling to Why- Brain Based Selling

Tue 07/29

President's Club - Special Event

Tue 08/05

President's Club - Special Event

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