Technology Sales - CEO Private Program - April 17

Now that you have invested in a company or companies, does the sales team have the right skills to get it done? Let's get down to the nuts and bolts of selling.

This training event is a great way to catch a glimpse of the Sandler Training program in action and discuss with a group the sales issues they are faced with.


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Why Sales Poeple Fail DownloadWhy Sales People Fail

If you’re tired of trying to learn new sales strategies and techniques but don't seem to improve your bottom line, read our sales guide "Why Sales People Fail". Uncover why many sales training programs don't stick and methods for taking all that sales knowledge and using it!

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Beyond the Cold Call

Have you ever made a prospecting phone call whose central message sounded something like this? Read more...

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Sales Training with Sandler: Solving the Puzzle

What Can a Sandler Trainer do for You and Your Company?

Executive Briefing

Professional sales trainer Jeremy Rawitz wants to challenge your beliefs during his 2 1/2 Hour Executive Briefing, "Selling to Why".


Fri 03/27

Executive Briefing: Selling to Why- Brain Based Selling

Tue 03/31

President's Club - Special Event

Tue 04/07

President's Club - Special Event

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