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Sales Strategy Corp. | New York, NY

2-Day Emotion Based Selling – Sales Acceleration Workshop

Discover innovative ways of identifying potential buyers and turning those suspects into prospects.

Learn why . . .

  • The science of decision making and how and why people buy.
  • Key pattern interrupts that engage the prospect quickly.
  • How to find the key emotional triggers to get your prospect engaged quickly.
  • The elements of biological resistance and how to overcome it.
  • The theory of beliefs and how to create a beliefs audit to challenge your prospects conviction.
  • Ways to avoid the four buyer’s bias.
  • How to create powerful and rich questions designed to get more information.
  • The importance of setting the agenda to control the beginning of every transaction.
  • How to identify the emotional triggers so you can leverage the prospect’s feelings.
  • How to have a discussion on budget that focuses on conviction as well as money.
  • To connect with powerful emotion based e-mails.