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Sales Strategy Corp. | New York, NY

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Sales Acceleration Workshop

Unlock Your Ability to Grow the Bottom Line.

This workshop is for those ready to take their sales skills to the next level. Learn to:

  • Inspire positive behavioral shifts in your attitude, beliefs and selling techniques.
  • Heighten problem-solving so you can effectively act in the moment.
  • Enhance resilience and accountability.
  • Understand the psychological side of selling so you can feel optimistic and sustain your success
  • Provide a momentum booster to give participants the support to thrive at another level.


  • Advanced Up Front Contract

    Start your phone calls or meetings with rock solid agreements for locked in next steps. You will master how to control the agenda from the start by directing the conversation.

  • Reversing & Advanced Questioning Strategies

    Understand the importance of How and What questions. Learn the reversing technique to advance your sales call along. We will master the top 10 reversing strategies. You will create your top 5 questions.

  • Overcoming Objections

    In this section we dissect the reasons and causes for objections from your prospects. We learn the true belief behind each objection and work to develop a record the proper response.

  • Active Listening Skills

    We will review 7 active listing skills and apply them immediately. You will stop talking and learn to listen more. This builds trust.

  • Pain Mastery

    We create a customized pain funnel that helps you bring your prospect to a buying trigger. We define triggers and design powerful questions to move the sales cycle along.

  • Developing a prospecting plan

    In this session, we examine the latest in prospecting systems and establish a plan for prospecting.

  • Closing Workshop

    Open discussion forum and strategy session to get deals closed.